donderdag 31 maart 2011

Mozilla story

When I worked tech support I was called to install Firefox on
someone's work station. I had to install it on the pc of a woman
working in a language teaching department. While Firefox was
installing she told me 'Mozilla' always made her think of this
Japanese creature, 'Godzilla'.
I was taken quite back by this insight: all I had ever been able to
think about was this Italian cheese, mozzarella.

Opera Mini and the mobile 3G networks

So Opera Mini seems super fast, compared to the other smartphone browsers. And that's because all the pictures are compressed on the Opera servers before they are sent to you phone (I can still hardly believe this, but wikipedia confirms it). I used to think the 3G mobile network of T-mobile was super buggy, because internet seemed to just not work on it, or hardly, but now I understand these mobile networks are just not designed for the internet usuage your used to. And so KPN mobile internet, or another provider won't be much better? (T-mobile can also still be relatively crappy.)