zondag 13 april 2014

Feed me weird things

A feeder is someone that likes fat women and so keeps them fat, by feeding them. This is some kind of fetish subculture. I'm sorry: I'm just informing of this.

This one time, on Reddit, I stumbled on an off-topic discussion about feeders. For some reason I felt compelled to stick up for feeders. I don't know what the discussion and my reply were about anymore. At this very moment I can't think up a good reason for sticking up for feeders. Except maybe that feeding is more of an infliction than a fetish.

Anyway. On Reddit by username is 'biggiepants', because my regular name 'biggiesmartypants' is too long.

I'm pretty sure the next reply in the discussion, then, was from a guy who was trying to be smooth to a woman who wants to be fed. A woman that therefor goes by the screenname 'biggiepants'.

Also I'm pretty sure I didn't reply in that discussion any more.

vrijdag 11 april 2014

One of the instruments House of Cards uses to inflict its delightful pain on me is the opening titles. They show Washington in its regular (the living areas, the bureaucracy buildings) and exalted (the monuments, Parliament Hill) beauty. (Over one of my favorite scores ever playing.) Washington: this modern day Athens; this living tribute to democracy. Washington the way I saw it just a little over half a year ago.
These titles, then, contrast perfectly with the undermining of that all that beauty by Frank Underwood.
F U 2, asshole.