zondag 13 april 2014

Feed me weird things

A feeder is someone that likes fat women and so keeps them fat, by feeding them. This is some kind of fetish subculture. I'm sorry: I'm just informing of this.

This one time, on Reddit, I stumbled on an off-topic discussion about feeders. For some reason I felt compelled to stick up for feeders. I don't know what the discussion and my reply were about anymore. At this very moment I can't think up a good reason for sticking up for feeders. Except maybe that feeding is more of an infliction than a fetish.

Anyway. On Reddit by username is 'biggiepants', because my regular name 'biggiesmartypants' is too long.

I'm pretty sure the next reply in the discussion, then, was from a guy who was trying to be smooth to a woman who wants to be fed. A woman that therefor goes by the screenname 'biggiepants'.

Also I'm pretty sure I didn't reply in that discussion any more.

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