dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Some thoughts on Tron Legacy

There were some great scenes, but a lot was uninteresting, I think. It should have been cool all the time, like this: Flynn lives teaser trailer from 2009
I guess all the fight scenes were cool and all the scenes with just a few people hanging out were not. I think I expected more of that old guy, but it doesn't get any cooler than in that trailer. All the 'deep' scenes were disappointing. How can you come up with a spontaneously evolved, almost perfect, digital race and still not captivate with that? (Because they put it in a hot chick, that's why probably). Like the original, this movie probably just should have been about playing computer games in a cool, virtual world again.
Everything used to be better, so I give you the opening of Flight of the Navigator

dinsdag 1 februari 2011

Impressions of PANN-on-Tour

Impressions of PANN-on-Tour, a popular hetero-friendly, gay party (translated from Dutch).

Girl: "How do you guys like the party?"
Me: "I think there's too many teenagers."
Girl: "Do you think I'm a teenager?"
Me: "Nooooo, of course not!"

Going up to a teenage boy and girl.
Me: "I think you guys are sweet."
Girl: "We're both 18. I'm fully out of the closet, but he's still doubtful whether he's gay."
Me: "Well, good luck."

At the urinal one guy comments on the other's 'manlihood'.
Me: "You can't do that. It's not done."
Him: "But I've known him all my life!"
Me: "Well, that does change it a bit."
Him: "I've put it in my mouth. With my eyes closed."
Me: "With your eyes closed?"
Him: "He's put it in my butt, from behind."
Me: "Then you certainly didn't see it!"
Him: "Oh, right. Hehe."