donderdag 26 november 2015

In which I talk, like a real Patrick Bateman, about a favorite 80s synth track, today: A-ha - Stay on These Roads
So that one hunky guy totally makes the wrong moves on the keyboard. He hammers chords, where we hear a baseline: single notes. I wonder whether it's smart dig at A-ha's criticasters that say they're no more than a hunky boyband.
Because they're not.
Or they totally are, just not *merely* that.
A-ha took a huge risk moving from Norway to the UK to pursue their music career (I read that one time but I can't seem to verify it now on wiki). They founded themselves and weren't formed by a producer looking to make money. They wrote their own music.
That's the history. But you can just hear it in this in this track. It sounds fully grown-up. I actually don't know what the lyrics are about, but it's obviously not about, for instance, puppy love. Just the the title carries gravitas: "Stay on These Roads".
So what else should I mention? Playing it just now I notice the track actually has a heavy guitar, you hear it right from the start of the track. And that's also not boy band like; for instance Depeche Mode never has that. Depeche Mode is an entertaining bad example, because that's the another 80s not-just-boyband boyband. The third one, then, is Duran Duran. Did real boybands even exist before the 90s? Before Take That? Help me out here.
If there's a single thing I have to pick that makes the track, that's actually easy: it's the high pitched singing. I suppose that's another thing that makes teenage girls swoon, but it's also a sound I just really love: male high-pitched singing. Also in classical, see Guillaume de Mauchet, for instance. That is a notable example, but in general I'll like a *untrained* high-pitched male voice better.

maandag 9 november 2015

Kopyright Liberation Front

My whole life has been a lie.

I just found out my favorite loop in dance, the one that started my love for the genre, is heavily inspired by another track.

Compare KLF- What Time Is Love (pure trance version) with Anne Clark - Our Darkness.

Of course KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) will say the only lie is copyright.

woensdag 4 november 2015

Lineair of hiërarchisch schrijven?

Tijd is lineair, schrijven is lineair: in hoeverre kunnen teksten lineair zijn? Een tekst bouw je, tijdens het schrijven,  lineair of hiërarchisch op (zeg ik nu, hier is vast echte studie naar verricht). Het volgende viel me eens op: na een tekst lineair geschreven te hebben, probeerde ik hem meer hiërarchisch te ordenen, daar werd hij echter toch niet veel leesbaarder van, integendeel. Blijkbaar denk je behoorlijk lineair, en toch niet zo hiërarchisch, concludeerde ik daaruit.
Mijn beste Facebookposts bewaar ik ook op deze blog. De volgende post is echt héél goed, maar dien je óp Facebook te lezen: