woensdag 3 april 2013

Mini Endymion and Rise of Endymion review

Endymion and Rise of Endymion are the last two books in a series of four known as the Hyperion Cantos.
I didn't like these books enough. They're hardly related to the first two. All the things I wanted to know about how they'd evolve, didn't evolve in a satisfying way: all the Ultimate Intelligence war; the Shrike itself. Even plot lines that are set up in the fourth book, aren't concluded satisfyingly (main and sub plots lines. A sub plot I'm thinking about is the scheming by the Pax Mercantilus).  
Also I didn't like this Buddhist philosophy stuff, which plays an important part. I've been interested in Buddhism but I thought this to be just a poor version of it.  
That leaves some cool hard scifi and world building.  
Honestly, I think Simmons didn't know what to do himself and the project should have been aborted. The last two books hurt the first two, almost in a Dune prequels kind if way. What I liked so much about the first book, was that it was a mad collage of tales (I read Hyperion was set up up analogue to the Canterbury Tales). In these tales Simmons hinted to a lot more. Actually working that lot more out can apparently be a pretty hard job.

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