woensdag 14 augustus 2013

At the gate

The gate at Schiphol Airport is about to be closed. Apparently hanging in the bar and arriving half an hour before departure is pushing it. Security goes through the regular questions with me: trip details (to Canada and then Vermont for a wedding), am I not taking anything with me that isn't mine etc. It's going okay-ish (he notes I smell of beer at a certain point), until: Security guy: so what's the address you'll be staying at? Me: I'd have to look that up on Google Plus. Guy: what? Me: Google Plus, it's Google's Facebook, so to say. Guy: oh.. kay.. Whom will you be staying at? Me: I just know his first name: Alex. Guy: you don't know his last name? Me: well, it's on Google Plus. Up until last week nobody even knew his first name. We're good friends, just on the internet. Security guy tells me to wait and goes over to security guy 2, his supervisor, to deliberate for a few minutes. The supervisor then comes over. He asks kind of the same questions. Me: I'll just look the stuff up in Google Plus. Supervisor: yeah, do that. But no matter how many times I refresh, I can't scroll past the first page of Google Plus updates. Supervisor: 3G network.. Me: it's H, actually. I'm going to install the Google Plus app now. Will just be another two minutes. Supervisor: so you know what the guy does for a living? Me: I do, actually. He's a database administrator. Supervisor: and you told us you work in IT as well, right? Me: right. Supervisor: well, since we're already running late, we'll believe you for now. Next time write stuff down as well. And with that I'm led through the hand luggage and person scanners. My OGD Swiss army knife (OGD is my former IT employer) is confiscated to be destroyed at a later point in time.

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