vrijdag 7 november 2014


The movie Interstellar to me felt like a lot of missed opportunities.

This review contains some spoilers. You probably don't want to read a review before seeing a movie, anyway.

Best I liked the overall idea of finding new habitable planets.
I liked the chances everyone had to take: NASA sending out the initial twelve astronauts, being pretty sure they'd die a crappy death; the new crew trying to decide which planets were the most viable options.
The planets looked pretty good. However, they couldn't compete with the awe I felt flying of the Alien Prometheus planet.

I liked Matt Damon's arc. I liked how he portrayed some of the repugnant traits of the human species.

I thought the movie was a classic up to the point of going beyond the horizon of the black hole. Falling into a black hole has been an fascination of mine since forever, so it's hard to deliver, but still I think I'm allowed ask for a little bit more.

The dynamic of the portrayed family is very important in the movie. I did like the older son and daughter, with the messages they sent. The young ones were awful cliches, though.

Maybe I'm just gloomy, but I liked all the depressing stuff and the questions it posed. The happy stuff never delivered for me.

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