zondag 13 september 2015

BoJack Horseman

It took me a while to really to get into BoJack Horseman​, but now I pretty much love it dearly. For me, it started out as just an tongue in cheek look at Hollywood, but somewhere it gets quite deep. Actually I can pinpoint that moment, for me: my now possibly favorite tripping scene ever, which looked as cool as but dealt with a broader range of emotions than such favorites as the Beavis and Butthead movie and Fear and Loathing.

Here's a cool Reddit AMA (from before the second season) by the creators.
Here's a question about the tripping scene (spoiler):

The opening credits resonates with me and, for me, captures the feel of the series.
The ending credits sums up the tongue in cheek look at Hollywood idea pretty well.

BoJack's an Netflix show (I'm not sponsored for this update).

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