zaterdag 2 april 2016

Twitch poker

If you like watching poker, classics like High Stakes Poker, for instance, you'll love Twitch poker! These are all the channels: These channels I recommend: Jcarver probably started it all. I've been following him since his YouTube days. He's just the most fun. But, as of a few weeks, I've completely converted to Tonkaaaap: He plays the biggest tourneys, totaling buy-ins up to over 10K just for one stream. It's great to sweat along, to run run deep and win a tourney (and it consumes hours of you time). Tonight I watched for the first time a new streamer, cash game crusher WCG|Rider: He's pretty novice at streaming, but it's just cool because he's good. I've probably learned a lot from watching, too. But of course it's most educational if you're a good boy and you do your studying as well. Some thoughts: Players like Tonka and WCG show you there's whole different levels of thinking about poker. Like: you don't play cards or even opponents, you play ranges against ranges. Haven't heard much mentioning of GTO, but I'm sure these guys don't let themselves be exploited. You get the feeling Tonka has such a huge edge and so maneuverability in his tourneys. That inspires hope for my own play.

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