zaterdag 12 november 2016

Good and bad Trump reactions and interpretations

Moral righteousness is the worst reaction you have to Trump. The losers better be humble in defeat. This is a right reaction: Just facts on what one agrees with and what one opposes (opposes absolutely, since that's the case). This is a wrong reaction: Just what one rejects and one's own stance, and everything from an unbearable moral high ground. You shouldn't be arrogant with your stance if you want to reach the other side and not just preach for the choir. This makes that point and is a good explanation of why Trump won: Not a full explanation, I'm sure, Sanders goes into another reason as well: the growing income gap, the mass loss of jobs. And here's some further explanation for Trump winning:
In my opinion already Trump is turning out to be way less awful as his rhetoric suggested.
Clinton won't be prosecuted and Obamacare even maybe not repealed.
I'm very worried about the people he installs, though, like the climate denier ( Trump has an personal leader style in how he listens to everyone before he makes a gut decision. I hope he also listens to moderates before he installs more people with dangerous convictions.

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