zaterdag 14 januari 2017

My Star Wars Rogue One Review

Todays big spectacle movies are geared at least as much towards the Asian as the Western market. I think that makes for interesting new movies. The movie in this genre I liked best this past year was World of Warcraft (WoW). Both Star Wars Rogue One and WoW introduced the idea of there mostly not being true evil and good, just shades of grey, Rogue One ultimately just played lip service to it. 

Most importantly, to me, WoW introduced a completely different kind of lore, with great depth, while Rogue One mostly did lame call backs to earlier movies ("it's a trap"). Rogue One *did* have incredible visuals and actors and acting performances (I was especially not disappointed in Ben Mendelsohn's role). 

The moment where Rogue One lost me was when the Yip Man actor was introduced as a Zatoichi character (mashing together a respectively ultimate Chinese and Japanese character).

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