zaterdag 15 april 2017

Ways in which people are stupid: they only think from their own personal viewpoint

One of the ways I think people can be too shortsighted, is that they can only think from their own personal viewpoint. They can’t view concepts in an abstract way.
I’ll give two examples. They're both about relationships and they're both on the internet. Those being the context is rather unsurprising, because: 1. people aren't taught in school that relationships can be viewed in an abstract way, 2. people often write down their first reaction on the internet (we've moved past the internet expression tl;dr (too long; didn't read); you now just assume half the reactions on an article, and often the most popular ones, are from people that just didn't read it) and 3. I personally enjoy thinking about psychology and relations, so I'm a more advanced than most. 
The first time I came to my realization, was while reading the IMDB forum on The Sopranos. I of course knew the IMDB forums were terribly stupid to begin with, but I was still struck by all these users saying how much they hated these whinos Meadow and Anthony, Tony and Carmela Soprano's kids. To me The Sopranos was a great work of art, from which I could learn a lot about the human condition. The kids reactions to things happening were interesting to me, from a psychological viewpoint and I could empathize with them, because they were growing up in a dysfunctional family.
I hardly felt like explaining this on these forums, though. Because I realized I would be talking to kids, literally. Kids who hated Meadow and Anthony (and not the numerous psychopathic characters on the show), because they could only relate to the show imagining the kids shown as their own brother or sister. 
The most recent moment I came back to my realization was just now, reading reactions to this video on several Reddit subforums (for instance; I use this plugin to see all Reddit comments on a YouTube video). I imagine people get defensive to the video, because they think it's an attack on their own person. They can't view it as just an interesting psychological concept that possibly has some merit.

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