vrijdag 2 februari 2018

Lil Pump - Gucci Gang

While I can list a lot of reasons why I shouldn't, I do like this Lil Pump song.

I'll entertain everyone and myself by going into those shouldn'ts and whys a little bit.

The beat is great. The synth is great and I love the 'prrts' in combination with the already cool sounding drums. The flow is great, to me.

The most heard criticism of Pump and this song is that his repetition is lazy and stupid. In fact I found the original through this video, that mocks this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lry67t_wdhY

I'm sure the repetition is lazy. But also I can't hear it as not innovative as well: every "Gucci Gang" sounds different to me (this remix is pretty good, to me not necessarily better than the original, and the variations on "Gucci Gang" don't make it better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eUDm2_ZSwc).

The worst thing about the song for me clearly is the lyrical content. Luckily I (still) think a song sounding good is the most important thing. But you can't escape the content. The airline thing is about him being thrown of a plane, because he acted like an obnoxious, spoiled brat. Pump is 17 and also kind of a jerk. That's unfortunate. The drugs mentions are unfortunate, too, but also so is the whole opioid crisis in the US :-/

Now I feel kinda sad I already reviewed the good parts of the song.

The tiger is cool.

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