zondag 12 januari 2020

racism is a huge sociatal trauma. you can't subjucate peoples for centuries without that leaving a mark, on both sides. for the oppressors side, they have to deal with the guilt somehow. coming to face with it, is a big first step. too big a step for most. it doesn't help with that, then, that our entire culture seems one big defense mechanism for looking away and lulling us into thinking we're okay. the best in fact, so that's why we just can go on, for instance, with these colonial wars, with drones, diplomacy and the old fashioned kind Trump favors. and we say black and brown people are just mistaking when they're bringing up racism. or they're told, the ugly liberal way, that they should bring their message nicely, thus putting the onus on them. us never changing, them always having to explain themselves they're people too.

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