zondag 16 februari 2014

This big city life update: bike parking problems

This big city life update: bike parking problems

Behind the doors, in the shadow of this building:http://goo.gl/maps/7tKOM is where I park my bike. Yes, Dutch have parking places for bikes. I've asked my stupid landlord scumbag whether they could put a roof over the parking place, but they didn't. So it isn't that great after all (through the doors you get to outside again, behind the building). 

Once a week, approximately, I come home with my bike and I have to jump over, or wade through streams and pools of fresh pee to get to the doors.

This does not please me. Many a moment I've spent dreaming about what I'd do to the person I'd catch peeing.

So last Friday night, 11 PM, I got home and there was a guy peeing, and I was like: 'now what?'. Really there was only but one thing to do: ignore. So I just walked to the door with my bike, to come shoulders next to the guy peeing. My plan proved to be a success because then the guy started saying: "Oh. My. God. Oh god. I'm sorry." And then I said something like: "yea, whatever", (actually I mistakenly said "no problem", in a yea-whatever tone of voice. I'll do better next time), opened the door and put away my bike.

After putting my bike away the guy was nowhere to be seen.

He was actually a nice guy: I didn't have to jump or wade.

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Weerzinwekkend zei

Hahaha. Dat ken ik, dat je iets zegt op een toon terwijl je éigenlijk een andere toon bedoelt. Of dat je de toon wel goed hebt, maar de woorden niet. Het is verdomd ingewikkeld.

Martijn / biggiesmartypants zei
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Martijn / biggiesmartypants zei

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