donderdag 10 juli 2014

Survivor, season 28 (no spoilers)

I just watched Survivor season 28. What really makes it enjoyable are these podcasts out there with in-depth interviews (I listened to the exit interviews here:, there's possibly a lot more). I watched this season because it had this pokerplayer, an online coach. He sure was interesting. But most other participants as well. The game is kind of depressing (I think 1 million prize money is is too high, incidentally), but the strategizing, hardship, personalities and also the challenge games they come up with were fascinating. From the podcasts I understand the shows sum up what actually happens pretty well.
The game's depressing because with the strategizing you get these considerations of contestants wanting to vote off others that are too good, overall, or too likable, etc. It is just a game (or: 'just' a game?), but you wonder how that is in the real world...
Just a few months to the next season: there's two every year!

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