zondag 21 februari 2016

Jeb Bush drops out

It *is* sad to see Bush go.
More and more of the reasonable GOP candidates pull out. The before-last one being Rand. Rubio is still left, but what kind of a chance does he stand?
I'm saying this just based on that I *read* Bush is reasonable, I'm no big expert on his ideas (I'm not on the Republican side, remember). And I'm basing this on below video. I like him because he's reserved and thoughtful.
If Bush'd stayed in the campaign, I would have been appalled by the idea of a Bush, or any, dynasty
It's sad to Bush him go, but maybe he should have been able to take on bully Trump better: it's not unreasonable to ask that of a world leader. But, on the other hand, Trump's an exceptionally gifted bully.
If I'm for the Democrats, why do I cry about the demise of the GOP? It's just for the rational reason that if a Republican is elected as president, it'd better be the least worse one. Nothing is ever certain: with Sanders and Trump rising the way they did, Trump being elected becomes a real possible outcome.

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