zaterdag 14 oktober 2017

Is Donald Trump a fascist?

So is Donald Trump a fascist?
Just some musings by someone that doesn't actually know that much about that term.
So it's not that fascism is smart (or dumb, for that matter, it's just a form of government), but I'm afraid Trump is too dumb to be a fascist. So if he's a fascist, he'd be an proponent of something like dumb-fascism. (Is Trump dumb? Maybe not terribly, but just willfully ignorant on too many subjects.
Maybe it's more of a trait of totalitarianism in general, but fascist regimes will create internal and external enemies. Internal ones I think are most striking. Does he create does? Yes. But in more ways than you'd imagine. More obvious ones are immigrants in general, especially Muslims and Mexicans. But really it's possibly *all* minorities that are the internal enemy. It's quite amazing, really, such diligence from such a lazy guy, but hate makes even this deadbeat productive. So which minorities among others? People of color, women, and the poor. On the poor: Trump works hard on creating a divide in US society along wealth lines (again: amongst other lines). Trump cut-off point on whether you're in or out isn't just at merely the ultra rich, I think he also includes down to the better-off half of the middle class. Which is kind of - again - surprisingly consistent with his overarching views, because that better-off half is the half that will survive even when his regime will have, so called, killed off the middle class.
History and politics buffs can now go over the other and more apt traits of fascism as compared Trump.
Writing this I learnt Trump is actually more consistent that I thought before, so maybe he actually stands for regular not-dumb fascism.

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