vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

Thoughts on Stranger Things (inspired by Wisecrack)

Great video essay by the lovely channel Wisecrack on what probably makes Stranger Things great.
Little reveal: it's not really nostalgia. It's something way more deep and beautiful.

(As I'm typing, I see season 2 is dropping in less than an hour. I won't be able to see it for a couple of days, though.)
To go into the Wisecrack video a very little bit, spoilers for that, just watch it first, it's not long (information heavy, for sure):
The video also mentions South Park's memberberries. The memberberries are designed to be very irritating characters, with success. South Park is completely on point with them, though: nostalgia is used terribly unimaginative in society now. It's more a dumb kind of fetish.
So Strangers Things looks like a lot of nostalgia, and *is*, on the surface, but at the core it's about taking kids and kids' world view seriously. That *seems* like nostalgia, but it's way deeper and, to me, moving.
My criticism for Stranger Things, for which I kind of hate myself, is that it's seems too perfect a tv series at times. Like: I read a comment on Reddit, that I later found out was just a joke, that it was written on commission of Netflix, with some parameters in mind that their big data algorithms demanded to score with the millennial generation (I'm feel I'm still on the fringe of that, being 39+ years old).
I think it's some problem with today's audiences and writers having become to smart on writing techniques (tropes and stuff).
I can't help this feeling towards the series. I also recognize it's special, though.

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