vrijdag 21 maart 2014

On I politic

I got 49 votes and I'm very happy about that: about my, our and all the The Hague votes
I won't be in the city council because I needed 1108 votes for that. Five people overall did make city council with personal votes. From my party, GreenLeft, no one did. GreenLeft will be on the council with 2 seats. You can find out everything there is to know about all the votes through the excelfile here: http://denhaag.nl/home/bewoners/to/Definitieve-uitslag-gemeenteraadsverkiezingen-1.htm.
-Here I didn't translate about what different amounts of votes for people on our list mean to me.-
49 vote is very decent, looking at all the different votes for people. Every vote shows support, so I'm very grateful for that. I didn't campaign too hard for myself. Except for in some specific instances: with friends and family and in my (mostly informal) little networks. After talking to people I gave them my campaigning postcard. But often I didn't: for instance after I'd explained what GreenLeft The Hague is about, with the help of the leaflet of our number one, Inge, it felt like complicating things to do that. So I still have hundreds of my postcards. A veteran told me they make good coasters.
What I've done for my personal campaign is nothing compared to what I've done for the campaign in general as well as what I do for GreenLeft overall. I mostly do that for fun, I have to add.
GreenLeft dropped from 3 to 2 seats in The Hague. I'm sad about that, but the polls showed this coming, from since a week ago. I think we mostly dropped because of the battle between the big parties. Among whom PVV, which many didn't want to see become the biggest party in The Hague. Many people vote the same way they do nationally, and in that respect GreenLeft is showing progress because we've almost recovered from the blow we received the last national elections.
I'm happy PVV didn't get bigger and so will have less opportunity to spout hatred (the events of the last two days hopefully were the exception to that rule).
This campaign was one big adventure. I've gotten to know The Hague, its citizens, GreenLeft and its members better. And that was a pleasure. Campaigning, politics and communication will continue to be interesting and fun to me. As well as of importance.

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